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Meet the Artist


Amelia Duran


Welcome to my Artist page.

I'm an orchid-inspired artist. My passion for orchids blossomed when I was seventeen and evolved into an addiction I have no desire to cure. These won- derful flowers never cease to inspire me and capture my imagination. I gave in to their lure and magic.


This is the story of my love affair with: phalaenopsis, cymbidium, cattleya, paphiopedilum, odontoglossum... the old surnames roll off the tongue easily. Eventually. Once you've taken the vows. It is an order, almost. A secret, mysterious sect. THE SECT OF THE ORCHID.

For millions of years, the orchid family has been expanding. It thrived, defying evolution, the savage elements, and the exploitation of its greatest enemy -- Man. For thousands of years, this succulent flowering plant has been captured and cultivated by him, stolen and loved for its beauty, its fragrance, its nobility, its feminine elegance, its striking classic beauty. These are the royalty of the flower world. Each individual flower within a species may produce virginal blooms dissimilar to the parent, making them unique. This variability in appearance appears both in nature and in cultivated plants. Hybridizers take advantage of this gift when breeding them, producing new colors, form and traits. At the hands of genetic engineers and exuberant hybridizers, the world enjoys hundreds of new flowers on average per year. “Amelia Duran

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