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Karmic Margin Call Project March 5, 2021 Porthole to Justice with Micheal Shuman

#PortholetoJustice #MakeArtNotWar #Podcast

Podcast is scheduled air

Friday the 5th @1 pm ,Central time 11 AM Pacific/Standard time

2 PM Eastern time

Introducing the Karmic Margin Call Project 2021 The Karmic Margin Call Project helps artists, educators and entrepreneurs come together in small Fellowships to productively solve larger global issues. Amelia. artistic expression and social justice. The Virtual Services Time Bank educates the public on the 3 "pillars" of achieving economic stability: (1) Fellowship, (2) Time As Currency and (3) Reverse Market Mechanics. If you are interested in being a part of our Leadership Team, CLICK HERE to fill out an application. application will ask for 2 references. One reference will ideally be from a current member of the Karmic Margin Call Project,

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